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Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic Company is a professional Headphones & Earphones manufacturers and suppliers from China. We have a wide range of earphones and headphones designed in plastic and metal materials. We have been designing and manufacturing different styles and colors of headphones and earphones at affordable prices.

Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic is a worldly recognized mobile headphones manufacturer; having prominent ear cup headphones, metal earphones like metal mobile earphones, wired headphones, plastic earphone, colourful headphones, personalized headphones, Metallic headphones, Dual driver earphones, Chinese earbuds, Lighting headphones, Sports headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, Wireless bluetooth headphones, and inexpensive earbuds in our wide stock. We have been professionally recognized and producing quality grade headphones and earphones for more than previous six years successfully. We hold a reliable and dedicated name as Wholesale Earphones China suppliers from the Asian region; supplying modern technology earphones and headphones.

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    Wired Sport Earphones NV-H01

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    Balanced Armature Headphones NV-H04

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Sports Earphones & Dual Driver Earphones from Best Earphones Wholesaler in China

Dongguan Jinsheng is one of the authentic having about more than 120 employers, engineers, technicians and related workers including six professional and experienced engineers along with twelve QC workers in our vast factory. They all are dedicated to utilize their efforts in designing and manufacturing high level of headphones and earphones by using latest and advanced technology. We have a wide and spacious workshop of spread on about 3000 square meters area. We about eight pieces of product assembly line that is capable of manufacturing about 21000 pieces of headphones, earphones, ear buds and wide range of mobile accessories per day.

Dongguan Jinsheng also manufactures quality cables and speakers directly used for connecting the earphones and headphones so that we can provide a perfect level of quality control. This means, people can use different types of earphones and headphones in the effective way with sound quality. We have ideal testing machines that are capable of testing Salty, Vibration, Drop and Frequency testing for speaker so that our manufactured headphones provide sound quality to the listeners.

Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic Company is not just known as Earphones Manufacturers but is also recognized as Metal Earphones Manufacturers, Wired Headphones Manufacturers, and Earphones manufacturer. We are one of the reliable Headphones Companies; having wide range of Headphones Wholesale, Metal Mobile Earphones, Metallic Headphones, Personalized Headphones, Sports Earphones, Sports Headphones, Wholesale Earphones China, Headphones China, Earphones China, China Headphone, Chinese Earphones, Chinese Headphone, and Chinese Headphones. Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic is an authentic Chinese Headphones Suppliers but is also well known as earphones supplier, earphone suppliers, headphone suppliers, headphones suppliers, and metal earphones suppliers. We are serving our best by supplying Colourful Headphones, Dual Driver Earphones, Ear Cup Headphones, Earphone China, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Inexpensive Earbuds, Lightning Headphones, and Metal Earphones to our customers.

Why Our Earphones, Headphones, Earbuds, & Mobile Accessories?


We are recognized in designing state of the art earphones that provide users a whole new experience of high-quality sound and comfort even for long duration listening to make them enjoy their favorite music. With more than 6 years in manufacturing of earphones our range of headphones and other products are an outcome of sound skills, top-quality material, and dedicated workforce. We have a vast production line that takes care of each product to bring it to the highest quality levels.


To provide users and incredible experience we have established a strict quality control mechanism such as salty tasting, vibration testing, drop testing, distortion tests, and life testing for speakers and headphones and polarity test. To assure flawless productions and minimize sound impairments we perform on-line microphone testing and remote control testing to eliminate distortion and transmission impairments.


In-Ear headphones, Special Metal Ear, JINSHENG Metal Headphones, JINSHENG IN-EAR, JINSHENG Ear buds are some of the new arrivals that gained extraordinary popularity and positive feedbacks. Our range of Earphones includes Dual driver, Dual Speaker, Sports Earphones and many different types of gaming headphone to enhance your user's gaming experience. Our research and development department focuses on implementing new updates, enhancing quality, responding customer's feedback and coping up latest trends.


We have a team of 6 highly-qualified engineers and more than 120 experienced workers that always strive to enforce latest technological updates and advancements to our productions that make our headphones stand out from competitors. We have expertise in maintaining high technical standards in our headphones such as dual In-ear sports headphone that offers HD sound, stable frequency, and clear stereo.

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